BLK BOX Plyo Box

The best space saving equipment for home workouts

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many studios and gyms to temporarily close their doors. This situation is unfortunate of course for the business, but also for the member community who is still in need of physical activity (especially in our increasingly cooped-up, “shelter-at-home” world). Our world has been flipped upside down over the past few year, and we’ve had to quickly rethink any semblance of what a "normal" routine looks like. 

We have outlined the top 8 space-saving products that you should consider for your at-home training, regardless of the space you have. 

1. The BLK BOX Binary Rack

The BLK BOX Binary Foldaway Rack has been designed for those who want a versatile and solid rack that can easily be folded away to free valuable floor space. Once you've completed your workout, simply fold away using the movement handles and attach it into the secure pin locking system. The perfect set up for that dormant space in the garage or spare room. 




2. BLK BOX Utility Squat Stand

The BLK BOX Utility Squat Stands are proving to be a popular choice for home gym workouts. The stand is a space-efficient unit that gives up nothing in quality. Its unique versatility makes it an all-in-one work station for squats, bench, clean pulls, floor press, overhead press, and much more. With the added bonus of wheels, it allows you to bring your training outside (if the weather allows).

3. BLK BOX Kettlebells

Kettlebell work is a well-established part of many people’s functional training programmes. They are a strong favourite as they allow you to perform a variety of dynamic strength training movements but offer an increased challenge in being more difficult to grip and handle than dumbbells and barbells. Not sure how to incorporate kettlebells into your workout? Check out our blog post showing you how to execute the kettlebell swing.


4. Valslides 

Lightweight, portable, and about the size of a standard envelope, these easy-to-store Valslides turn carpet, linoleum, and tile floors into a simple gliding workout surface. The program’s creator, Valerie Waters, has patented two sliding pads that allow the user to move through large ranges of motion without some of the consequences of high impact training.

5. Flexvit Mini Bands  

The FLEXVIT Mini Bands are designed to help to stabilise and activate muscles and muscle chain. They have versatile use in functional fitness, rehab and athletic training and for anyone to workout at home. The FLEXVIT Mini Bands are soft on the skin with no pinching and will not roll-up. The patented woven rubber production technology makes the skin-friendly material robust, durable and suitable for allergies and clinics. Cheap and compact, these bands are a must for every household. 


The TRX is a portable, highly-effective (not to mention storage- and travel-friendly) workout that was built by a former Navy SEAL as a way to stay in peak physical condition whilst traveling without access to designer gyms. The TRX system turns your body into your ideal workout tool, used by pro athletes, college sports teams, and the US army. The idea is simple: leverage your body’s weight and a full range of motion to increase its overall flexibility and strength. All you need is a door jam, tree, wall stud, or the rafters in a garage and you can begin using it.


It can be difficult to find room to speed rope in a London apartment but if you can, we highly recommend the BLK BOX Speed Rope. Skipping is one of the best cardio exercises, if not the best, that anyone can do. It torches calories quickly, works your entire body, and a widely-cited study found that 10 minutes of jumping rope is as effective as a 30-minute jog. The BLK BOX Jump rope provides a multi-directional swivel and a nice price tag.