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The Valslide Movement has become a global phenomenon. Celebrities, professional athletes, yoga mums, weekend warriors, Crossfitters, women who want to tone up,

and guys who want to get ripped are all using the Valslide to get MORE out of their workouts.

With a infinite supply of powerful exercises, youre guaranteed to find the perfect one for YOUR body and YOUR level of fitness. You will Burn MORE calories.

Lose MORE fat. Build MORE muscle. Gain MORE strength. (and confidence!). The Valslide was created by Valerie Waters, personal trainer to Hollywoods elite was created

with every level of fitness in mind.

Valslide makes lower body exercises smoother and easier on the body with more effective and immediate results. The simplicity of movement makes this exercise tool an

obvious addition to all workout routines.

The Valslide is specifically designed for flowing, controlled range of motion that activates the muscles that lifts your butt and slim your thighs. While other programs use

bulky, expensive equipment and fancy footwork to try and entice the exerciser, simplicity is what gives Valslide the edge.