BLK BOX Milo Bar

The Inspiration Behind Our New Barbell

Croton(e) is a small town in Southern Italy. The town was known for producing excellent athletes who dominated the Olympiad. In Ancient Greece, few athletes were as renowned as the great Milo of Croton. Milo won many prestigious athletic titles and his name is still proverbial for extraordinary strength – and his life highlights that hard work beats talent every time. That is why we have named our latest barbell after the Ancient Olympic champion. The core principles of strength training and how to build muscle are encapsulated in this legendary tale of Milo and the bull.

Milo decided to carry a newborn calf on his shoulders. Day by day, for more than four years, he carried an animal on his shoulders. The small calf slowly grew into an adult ox and Milo got stronger along the way.  Every day, when Milo woke up, he lifted the calf, put it on his shoulders and carried it all day. After four years, Milo was lifting and carrying around an impressively big ox. 

Milo didn’t start by lifting a big heavy ox. He started with a calf. That gave him the chance to master the fundamentals. He went with a smart approach to take on a manageable challenge and slowly develop strength and self-confidence; even though people were laughing at him.

Milo of Croton is the inspiration behind our 20kg ‘Milo Bar’. The bar was designed in Belfast by our team of inhouse engineers and athletes. It is manufactured in Europe and delivers the performance and quality you can rely on. The steel coated shaft and 1.2mm knurling, makes it the perfect bar for athletes serious about weightlifting and strength and conditioning. Our design ensures the 5 needle bearings per sleeve gives the Milo Bar the perfect spin and provides a grip suited for high-performance training. 

For the athlete who refuses anything but the best, this is the bar for you.