Speciality Bars

Speciality bars are great for training specific areas of the body and can help you improve certain movements. We offer a range of speciality bars including; Safety Squat Bar, Hex Bar, Swiss Bar, Open Hex Bar and a Curl Bar. Our squat bar sleeves have been lowered slightly helping stabilise your centre of gravity, giving you more control when squatting. The handles help reduce strain and relieve pressure on the wrists, compared to squatting with a traditional squat bar. The padded shoulder pads on the squat bar offer increased comfort when squatting with heavier weights. A great bar for improving your squatting technique. Our hex bars (also known a shrug or trap bars) are great for performing movements such as deadlifts, farmers walk and shrugs. These trap bars are an extremely useful weightlifting bar for beginners, as well as athletes dealing with back issues or rehabbing from other injuries. Our swiss bar is great for targeting specific muscles and can be used for multiple exercise such as; overhead press, hammer curls and more. The multi grip swiss bar has numerous handles allowing you to quickly switch up your grip positions, which is great for adding variety to your training. Our curl bar has been designed to reduce stress on the wrists and elbows when curling. Some of the best curl bar exercises include; bicep curls, tricep extensions and more. Curling bars are great for building tricep and forearm muscles.