BLK BOX Urethane Dumbbells


For those looking for that extra 1%, our polyurethane coated dumbbells offer the highest quality design coupled with the long life expectancy and durability needed for such a product. An upgrade from traditional rubberised dumbbells, they are perfectly balanced for smooth movement and accurate weight distribution. 

Each dumbbell is clearly identifiable from the bright white numbering on each side and can also be personalised for your team or company, helping maintain a professional brand image. Available in different sets of varying weights, you'll be fully covered for whatever exercise is necessary. 



Sets Available -

All in increments of 2.5kg

2.5kg-20kg - 8 Pairs
2.5kg-30kg - 12 Pairs
2.5kg-40kg - 16 Pairs
2.5kg-50kg - 20 Pairs
2.5kg-70kg - 28 Pairs

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