BLK BOX Goliath Wall Mounted Rigs

The BLK BOX Goliath Wall Mounted Rigs come with the range of flexibility and features that the free-standing rigs but is secured to the wall. Offering great space efficiency, these clever rigs also come with a built-in expansion option, making them perfect for home gyms or garage gyms! Please note the rigs come with the BLK BOX Utility J Hooks

Potential Attachments Include: Double Wall Ball Targets, Goliath Rig Mounted LandmineGoliath Dip StationGoliath Spotting ArmsGoliath Utility Peg, Goliath Wing Attachment, Goliath Rig Mounted Hip Thruster Attachment & Plate Storage.

For more commercial training facilities we recommend our Samson Wall Mounted Rigs.

Height Width
1 Bay 2.4m 1.2m
2 Bay 2.4m 4.14m
3 Bay 2.4m 7.08m
4 Bay  2.4m 10.02m
5 Bay 2.4m 13.08m
6 Bay 2.4m 16.02m
Extra Bay 2.4m Add 2.94m

We offer a range of delivery options, depending on the product you’re buying and where you would like your order delivered.

Standard Delivery
Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery for stock items. If your order includes metal work and manufactured products, please allow 15 business days. Standard delivery from £7.50 inc-VAT.

Note: For large or heavy items we currently offer a kerbside pallet drop only. For more details please call 02890454123

Returns Policy
You have fourteen (14) days from receipt of cancelled goods to notify us if you wish to cancel your order or exchange an item. For more information on our returns policy please click here.

What height of uprights are available and can I change these?

The uprights on our Goliath Wall Mounted rigs are 2.4m. Giving the rack a total height of 2.408m. For a 3.6m upright option check out our Goliath Wall Mounted Functional Rig.

For a custom configuration of a rig, please contact us today. Please note this will increase lead time and cost

Do these rigs come with bolts to secure to wall/floor?

Yes, our Goliath Wall Mounted Rigs come with bolts to mount to the wall and sleeve anchors to secure the rig to the floor.

Depth from the wall/between bays? - Can I change this, what are my options?

Depth from the wall - 1.14m (from outside of upright to the wall)

Squat bay width - 1.2m (from outside of upright to outside of upright) 

Distance between bays - 1.74m (from outside of squat bay to outside of next squat bay)

A specific depth can be achieved with a custom configuration. To design your custom rig, please get in contact today. Please note this will increase lead time and cost.

Can this rig be customised?

Yes, custom colour and brand plate options available. Custom Wall Ball Targets are also available. Please note that this will increase lead time and cost.  

What colours are available? 

9 Standard colours are available for our Goliath rigs/racks - (Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, White)

Are custom colours available?

Custom colours are available upon request. You can also match colours, however this will increase the lead time. Please get in touch for more information 

What coating is on your pull-up bars / are your pull-up bars slippy? Can you do a raw bar? 

Our pull up bars are coated in textured powdercoat and are not slippy. Yes, raw bars are available for our Goliath Range. Please get in touch for more information 

Is the Goliath Wall Mounted Rig made to order?

Yes, the Goliath Wall Mounted Rig is made to order and is manufactured in Belfast

What is included with this rigs?

One pair of J-Hooks is included with our Goliath Wall Mounted Rigs. We also offer a range of attachments which are compatible with this rig

What type of wall can this be bolted to?

All of our wall mounted rigs/racks are designed for mounting to a concrete wall. If mounting to a non-concrete wall always seek advice of a professional who can advise the best mounting

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