BLK BOX x Recoil S2


Recoil was created by Robert Bowles a Former British Forces Mechanic and Mark Gibbons an Executive Protection Specialist. Recoil S2, their main product was designed to make workouts more efficient, more effective and more convenient. Suspension Training has become hugely popular in recent years and for good reason. It caters for all fitness levels, can be done just about anywhere and a single device can perform hundreds of exercises for the entire body. 


As a partner of Recoil we had the pleasure of fitting out their very first 1800ft studio in Hong Kong. Almost a year in the making, finding the perfect space was a top priority for the team; location, size, shape and even the ceiling height was taken into consideration. The gym is super simple and clean. Staying away from cardio equipment and large machines that permanently occupy space ensures the training area can be configured according to the activity. Completing the room with a BLK BOX Goliath Half Rack and storage, it sits snug against the wall and performs just as well as larger racks whilst providing ample storage for equipment. It also provides the perfect mounting point for Recoil S2’s.  


The main space is the training area which uses about half of the total area (900sf). The other half is the company office, workshop, retail and reception - designing and developing exercise products and training/testing products under one roof. The training space serves several purposes, a showroom for their products, a place to film exercises, a small group training facility and a yoga studio. 

Commenting on the new space Robert Bowles said “We have partnered with BLK BOX to distribute our Recoil products in the UK so it was only right that we choose them for our studio/showroom. Most of our UK customers are also using BLK BOX racks to hang their Recoils and the two brands look awesome together. We never considered anything else!”

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