Crossfit Ireland Training Facility

Crossfit Ireland


Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with a number of industry-leading CrossFit boxes across The UK & Ireland. CrossFit Ireland was no exception. Based in Blackthorn, Dublin, owners Colm and Derek wanted to create something special for their clients. After finally securing in the right premises in Dublin, we completed a site visit. We pulled together an unrendered CAD for the client to approve. At this stage, we can identify potential bottlenecks in terms of training flow or potential safety hazards through collisions by having too much equipment packed into small spaces.


Almost 400 of our antislip tiles were laid, alongside a 10 bay custom freestanding rig with high bars amongst an arsenal of other equipment ahead of the gyms opening. The beauty of our advanced CAD software is not only that it provides you a visual of exactly what your gym will look like but it also allows for us to determine the exact quantities of equipment required. Due to the dynamic nature of rope climbs and gymnastic ring work we were able to strategically place each anchor point at a safe distance apart to prevent from any athletes from colliding with each other to the millimeter. Likewise, the rig & platforms had to be in an exact position with no room for error. We like to educate our clients on the cost of sameness and encourage them to stand out from the herd & be unique by celebrating their own brand. We laser cut the CrossFit logo into the pull-up bars throughout the custom-made rig before coating it with our signature matte black textured finish.


When the order was placed, it took less than 13 days to manufacture custom equipment and to install. The industry norm is usually 4 weeks to manufacture equipment, with most manufacturers taking somewhere between 8-16 weeks. Aside from the quality of our equipment, our short production times are something we are extremely proud of. CrossFit Ireland has grown from strength to strength with its membership base growing continuously. It is important to remember that off the shelf equipment brings off the shelf performance & results. If you give your clients & athletes the best and they will give their best back. Thankfully the guys at CrossFit Ireland understood this and embraced our philosophy.