Evolve Health and Performance Gym Facility

Evolve Health and Performance

Evolve is the prime example of a group training set up. The free-standing rigs are a great focal point for their gym and they offer twice as many workstations as the wall-mounted option, meaning simultaneous workouts can take place. 

The mix of equipment in the facility ties in extremely well with the group training Evolve offers. The equipment allows for bodyweight movements, strength training, and cardio with equipment. Evolve has been kitted out with a wide range of equipment including, Assualt Bikes, Ski Ergs, as well as BLK BOX kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes, dumbbells, and plyometric boxes. The facility installed our popular sled track down one side of the facility to allow for speed work with our prowlers. 

Evolve also chose one of our smart storage systems, Big Ass Storage, this storage system provides numerous functional training possibilities and offers a fully equipped training station with minimal footprint, maximizing space within Evolves facility.