FACTR Gym Moxy Hotel Cheshire

FACTR: ‘It’s not a gym. It’s a mindset’

Facility intro: 

A unique group training facility in the heart of Chester City Centre, built on the same site as ‘Moxy Hotel’. Co-founders Christos & Rich came together through a shared vision surrounding how they wanted to positively impact the lives of their clients and tackle flaws in the fitness industry. No quick fixes, but a team that will back you all the way.

Christos is focused on driving the business forward and pursuing the greater vision of FACTR, while Rich is devoted to mentoring and developing a first class coaching team in order to provide the best fitness product that Chester has to offer.

FACTR Gym Moxy Hotel

Operating in a 5,000 Sqft purpose built facility, it was important for us to understand exactly what they wanted to achieve from their new space. With a goal of improving the industry and supporting members from the moment they entered the premises, it was important that the facility design and equipment reflected this.


The gym has various different ‘zones’ each of which offers a different style of training.


Featuring six individual of our ‘Blackout Free Standing Power Racks’; set up for group personal training meaning that everything you need is in one zone. Other notable products in this zone include: Utility Adjustable Weights Benches, Belfast Bar'sHD Bumper weight plates, Utility Gym Rings with all the adequate storage solutionsAccommodating everything required for strength and endurance training. 


A turfed 5 metre track utilising 'BLK BOX Dynamic Turf' accommodating FACTR’s ‘Fundamental’ sessions, which is a ‘lite’ version of their main offering, group personal training, combining endurance and strength.

FACTR Gym Moxy Hotel


As it says on the tin. A cardio space with every conditioning piece of equipment you could want, including Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes, Rowers and Bike Ergs


As part of the overall membership package, there is also an Open Gym area for any additional training you would like to add to your programme, housing everything from the BLK BOX Rubber Hex Dumbbells to Kettlebells, Plyo Boxes and more.

FACTR Gym Moxy Hotel



Taking inspiration from other BLK BOX gym fit-outs the team at FACTR knew for sure that we were a perfect fit for their vision.

"BLK BOX had been recommended by a couple of individuals we had spoken to and the feedback has been excellent. Members are happy to be training in a facility the houses everything they could possibly need". Christos, Director at FACTR.

It was important to the team at FACTR that they handpicked the best quality kit on the market to ensure that they could provide our their with an unrivalled in-gym experience. We are happy that we could help.