FFS Gym Training Facility, Dublin

FFS Gym, Dublin

FFS Gym is a training facility that specialises in Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning and Functional Movement Training.

The facility contains 5 Samson Half Racks in Grey, with custom branded FFS front plates. The racks were accompanied by the Belfast and Hex Bars as well as our colored HD bumpers, making this the ideal strength area.

The stand out feature of this gym facility is the storage systems used, FFS wanted to maximize floor space, and so BLK BOX provided a range of wall mounted storage systems, allowing bars, bands, bumpers, and mats to be stored on the wall, decluttering the training zone.

Our basecamp storage system is also included in the facility to store a range of dumbells and kettlebells, this storage system allows FFS to make the most of the space available, also ensuring equipment is properly maintained. To complete the gym, a range of conditioning equipment was used, ranging from ski ergs to rowers and bike-ergs.