Look inside Catalyst, Belfast

Look inside Catalyst, Belfast

Catalyst is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working together for the greater good, enabling a connected community of like-minded innovators in an entrepreneurial eco-system that is the key driver of the knowledge economy in Northern Ireland.

We had the pleasure of recently completing their new in-office gym, providing a place for people to train at their innovation hub. This means employees can come together and train. Teams that train together, win together, and this carries over to the office environment as well. In the gym they are exercising their bodies and minds and going back into the office environment with new perspectives and new bonds.

Working with Catalyst has been a real pleasure. Not only is Catalyst a local company but their design thinking mindset, really complemented our style of work. Together from the consultation stage we were able to identify what they want and overcome challenges. It’s been a really natural process for us. Right from the outset, it was important for us to understand the main purpose of the space and the training needs of Catalyst employees.

Some of the main features of the gym include the Yellow Goliath Wall Mounted 1Bay Rig, Concept2 kit, various Goliath attachments, Urethane Kettlebell set and basecamp storage solutions.

“At Catalyst we live and breathe innovation, we’re all about technology innovation, fintech innovation and health tech innovation, so it was important for us to work with a company who innovates in their domain as well. It was such a great pairing for us to work with BLK BOX and it’s great to work locally with a company of that standard.” Jamie Stinson, Catalyst, Brand Manager.

Despite its minimalistic appearance, the design and layout confirmation process was complex. This office space conversion presented a lot of intricate design details that had to be considered from the outset. With a suspended flooring design, there was a lot of measurement and consideration to ensure a free weight section in the gym.

“It’s been great. The expertise and understanding from BLK BOX and advice they offered from different training backgrounds, gives a real user experience, ensuring the space brings value to our members”