Novosco Gym Facility

Novosco, Belfast


Novosco is a managed cloud provider with clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors across the UK and Ireland. Novosco's impressive new offices at Belfast's former Science Park include a library, coffee dock and virtual reality room and a staff gym which was proudly designed and manufactured by BLK BOX.


Novosco had the advantage of working with exciting new office space. The gym space wasn’t overly big, with a floor space of 7m x 4m, but had ample light with a ceiling to floor window making for a pleasant gym setting. It was important that we totally maximised the space available. We installed our black rubber tile and a 2-bay wall mounted rig power coated in Novosco’s brand colours alongside and custom branded inlaid platforms.

We installed wall mounted storage to hold the BLK BOX Bumper set and a dumbbell rack to free up floor space, as one of our mantras at BLK BOX is that ‘clutter kills performance’Overlooking the Titanic Quarter sit a small selection of cardio equipment. The company chose a Concept Rower, a Keiser M3 and a treadmill. The space caters for everyone's needs, whether it be for a strength session, or a quick sweat workout before sitting at a desk the rest of the day.


"We don't think there are any other offices in Northern Ireland quite like those we have created and we feel that they will play a crucial role in the continuing growth of our business.”

Your business's most valuable asset is the people who work in it. In today's fast moving business world, looking after their wellness and health and fitness has never mattered more. Plus, offering well designed fitness and gym facilities not only makes your existing team feel rewarded and valued, it's a great selling point for potential employees.