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by BLK BOX 3 min read

Plyometrics, also known as plyos or jump training includes a range of exercises that cause the muscles to exert maximum force in short intervals, with the goal of increasing power, balance, acceleration and agility.  The plyo box is an extremely popular and versatile piece of equipment found in most commercial gyms and has become a staple within the CrossFit community. It is highly functional and can provide the user with endless options for both the upper and lower body including stationary jumps, burpee jumps, step ups, glute bridges, dips, calf raises and push ups to name a few.

With so many possible options to use plyo boxes for, the next question is, which style should you go for? That’s where we can help. Read on to find out the different types and which is best suited to you.

BLK BOX 3 in 1 Soft Plyo

BLK BOX 3 in 1 Soft Plyo combines comfort and convenience. It is often chosen as a safer option for beginners or for those who are trying to avoid the bloody shins that are sometimes an unfortunate side effect of jump training. The inner of this plyo box is filled with high density, shock absorbing compressed foam weighing 18kg, giving you (and your joints) peace of mind that you will land on a soft but sturdy and secure surface. The outer is coated in a textured anti slip, high wearing vinyl that will help hold the box in position and will provide grip for landing. There is reinforced stitching and a heavy duty zip to prevent any rips or tears.

BLK BOX 3 in 1 soft plyo box

The 3 in 1 in the name refers to the height of each edge of the box, allowing you to progress your workouts by alternating the height. This box has sides of 20inch, 24inch and 30inch, all of which are clearly marked out on each side. This box can also be safely stacked allowing you to really challenge yourself at the highest of heights.   

BLK BOX 3 in 1 Wooden Plyometric

The BLK BOX 3 in 1 Wood Plyo Jump Box offers an ever sturdier and rigid platform than our 3 in 1 soft plyo and is perfect for versatile jump and speed training.

This style of plyo box is sometimes the favourite in CrossFit facilities, as there is very little chance of this toppling over. The benefit of having a wooden plyo box is also the surface is much less likely to loose grip with sweat, humidity or any leaks from water bottles.

Constructed of plywood with bevelled edges, internally braced for maximum strength, this plyo box again allows you to alternate between 20inch, 24inch and 30inch heights. Self-assembly is required for this Plyo, but all fittings and parts are included and is quick and easy to assemble.

BLK BOX Stackable Soft Plyo Jump Box Set

Like the 3 in 1 Soft Plyo, the Stackable Soft Plyo Set is made from high density, shock absorbing foam and covered with a hard wearing vinyl, however these plyo boxes come in 5 different sized sections, allowing you to customise your workout much more. Professional tennis player Novak Djokovic is a big fan of our stackable plyo boxes, showing a few different ways they can be used in training.   

Each section can be used individually or can be securely stacked on top of another using a highly secure Velcro fastening system. The full set includes a 3inch, 6 inch, 12inch, 18inch and 24inch so whether you are a beginner or professional, there will be plenty of workout options with this set.

Using plyo boxes are a great way to step up your workout and are one of the best tools to build strength and fitness while using just your bodyweight. There are so many benefits of incorporating plyo boxes into your workout routine, so why not give it a go today!

BLK BOX 3 in 1 Soft Plyo

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BLK BOX 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo

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BLK BOX Stackable Soft Plyo Set

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