Pyramid Performance Training Facility, Stockport

Pyramid Performance, Stockport


In 2018, James and his team from what was originally known as ‘Bioticfit’, decided it was time to reinvest in their personal training business. With the help of BLK BOX, they transformed what was once a boat building factory, into a state of the art training facility in Stockport, England. After years in the industry, the newly named 'Pyramid Performance' made the decision to rejuvenate their business model. The aim of their new facility was to create a space that could deliver both individualised group sessions whilst cater to the unique preferences of each member.


In choosing his equipment, owner James Clark was supported by our Business Development Manager Peter. Together, they decided on the kit that would best support James in offering his training which is based largely around group training.

When designing Pyramid Performance, James wanted their clients’ eyes to be drawn down the length of the gym, accentuating the large space that they have to offer. So rather than filling the space with equipment, a 4 bay wall mounted rig and a two-bay wall mounted monkey bar rig was installed on either side of the facility. This cleared the centre of the space to allow for functional and bodyweight training to be performed on the 20m, astroturf track and 15m of dual sprint track.

We like to encourage our clients to celebrate their brand, and chose their brand colour scheme, which for this project was black and gold. Therefore Pyramid Performance received black rigs with customised wall ball targets. The inlaid platforms and adjustable benches included the company’s logo, adding to the uniqueness of this facility. Beyond the sprint track, a conditioning area was created with battle rope stations, plyo boxes and assault bikes to expand and diversify Pyramid Performance’s offering.


Through careful consideration of the requirements and understanding the needs of all clientele, the new and improved Pyramid Performance provides its' clients with a modern facility that can incorporate the latest functional training methods into every training session.

“Our investment has experienced a large spike in leads and our company has grown by 30% within the first quarter of 2018. Having unique features and quality equipment has made our product easy to market.”