Scott Britton Joins Team BLK BOX

Scott Britton Joins Team BLK BOX

Born and bred in Manchester and former police officer for 8 years, Scott’s current reality is not one he had planned for. With a background in competitive Powerlifting and functional fitness, Scott is no stranger to hard work. Through his own journey and passion for fitness, Battle Cancer was founded - the world's largest one-day functional fitness competition. Through this, Scott’s passion and love of fitness is used as a communication tool to help those who suffer from mental health and those on their post-cancer treatment journey. Scott's background as a mental health professional informed his decision to form a supportive, fitness community.

One of the mottos we have in BLK BOX is “Built for Athletes, by Athletes” and with that, we classify everyone as an athlete. From elite levels of powerlifting to Olympic medalists, to those who are recovering from an illness and getting stronger every day or just beginning their fitness journey. We are inspired by Scott’s commitment to supporting others, to his own training and to the belief he has in his vision for his movement. His passion and drive to do good in the world is why we are proud to welcome him to Team BLK BOX.

When Scott is not organising Battle Cancer events or weightlifting in his back yard, you'll probably find him in Devon, surfing, doing handstands on the beach or simply spending time with his wife, Freya and their dog, Jim.

As our new BLK BOX Athlete, Scott is offering free access for 3 months on his new online program 'Strong Body Strong Mind', using code 'BLKBOX'. This is a program designed for those who want to take control over the program they follow, with multiple options on offer. Inspired by some of the best methodology in strength and conditioning, the program is aimed at all abilities and designed to help people become more mentally and physically strong.

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