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The New Training Model Sweeping the Globe

Small Group Personal Training is moving into the mainstream: Here’s how to rise above new competition and maximise the opportunity

Consumer demands are shifting.

Just a few months ago, a trip to the shops was a major infection risk. Post-pandemic, walking through the gym doors is more an expression of trust now than it’s ever been: people want the facility to be cleaner, more controlled, and more focused on overall health and wellbeing. Sweating on a treadmill elbow-to-elbow with an unknown neighbour is far less appealing than it once was.

As it stands, less than 20% of the UK population are currently active gym members: but this number is rising. The pandemic has made people re-evaluate their priorities, and gyms are getting more interest from clients who don’t just want to turn up, sweat, and leave: they’re looking for a full lifestyle experience, a hobby, and a community.

These changes mean that the traditional fitness model needs a serious rethink. They also mean that right now might be one of the greatest moments of opportunity that the industry has experienced – or will see for decades to come.

Small Group Personal Training (and the wider Modern Training Gym model) are perfectly positioned to meet these emerging demands.

Once the domain of independents and boutique outfits, the big names of mainstream fitness are picking up on the power of the SGPT model. David Lloyd have introduced their new small group Delta offering: brands like Hammer Strength are taking a similar road to Crossfit, but with a more ‘grown up’ small group approach.

Not only does this put pressure on us to stay ahead of the curve as fitness providers; it’s upping the ante for facility owners as they compete for the top talent to execute this customer-driven, premium experience. 

Why Small Group Personal Training?

  • A controlled environment (booking only) with social distancing naturally built in
  • A focus on community
  • A personalised journey with support from an experienced and expert coaching team
  • A focus on long-term results that are more about longevity and health than quick fixes
  • A joined-up approach: every decision is driven by core values, giving the customer something to buy into and trust
  • A 360-degree wellbeing offering that addresses all the relevant habits, from sleep and nutrition to mental wellbeing
  • A focus on yield per client and customer lifetime value. This means serving the clients that we have really, really well, offering them a range of products that increases the average revenue from each. This gives us higher yield while also satisfying our clients, allowing them to stick around longer (and refer their friends).

The result of this for the business: a place on the leading edge of the industry and consistent profitability as a platform for growth.


How to implement the SGPT model successfully

So what can we do to meet these new consumer demands (and outstrip the competition while we’re at it?)

We can look to the people who are already excelling in the SGPT model, and the wider customer-service driven Modern Training Gym approach.

The upcoming IFBA LIVE is the UK’s only event created exclusively for personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness managers – and anyone committed to learning how to deliver a truly remarkable fitness experience with the SGPT-led training gym model.

With a stellar lineup of speakers covering the hottest topics in a fast changing competitive landscape, you can either attend the LIVE in-person, or opt for an online experience.

There are only a handful of in-person tickets remaining, so book early to avoid disappointment 

Blog written by JC Vacassin

JC is the Founding Director of both the multisite personal training gym W10 Performance; and the fitness business consultancy and educating body the International Fitness Business Alliance.