The Ultimate Guide To Using A Slam Ball

The Ultimate Guide To Using A Slam Ball

Slam balls are a highly functional and effective piece of equipment that can be used to complete a full body workout in the comfort of your own home. 

Usually, exercises with slam balls are highly explosive and help to increase power, stamina and speed. The traditional overhead slam in it’s simplest term involves the athlete picking up the ball from the ground, raising it overhead and slamming to the ground. Sounds easy enough right? Well after a few of these you might not think so. This exercise will work the shoulders, triceps, biceps, core and legs, giving you a full head to toe workout. The benefit of a slam ball is that they can easily be incorporated to enhance other exercise to work many muscle groups like squats, lunges, press ups, burpees 

As the name suggests it is a ball, however it won’t bounce like an ordinary ball. They are covered in an easy to grip, heavy duty durable rubber meaning no matter how hard they are slammed, they will not burst open and will not damage the floor, so can be used virtually anywhere at home whether it’s the living room, back garden or garage.  

If you aren’t convinced on the idea of adding slam balls into your workout, check out a few more benefits below:  

  • Workout anywhere- As long as you have a hard surface below you and some spare time, you can get to work with a slam ball. They can be used on most floors at home, on the grass or tarmac. 
  • Full body workout- Most slam ball exercises are compound exercises and will target multiple muscle groups at once, meaning you can get an effective session with one piece of equipment. 
  • All abilities- Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, you can use a slam ball. There are a range of weights you can use depending on your ability. Our slam balls are available in 3kg, 6kg, 9kg, 12kg and 15kg. 
  • Burning calories- Incorporating them into a cardio workout will help to increase your heart rate and also build strength. Win win 

Give the workout below a try with your slam ball: 

7 rounds FAP (fast as possible)

  • 20 ground slams 
  • 10 side to side push ups (one hand must be on the ball at all times)
  • 10 wall slams (10 each side)

(60s rest in between each round)