BLK BOX Goliath Utility Peg


Efficient, space saving, and money saving, the BLK BOX Utility Peg is the perfect solution. Compatible with only BLK BOX Rigs & Racks, this peg ensures all bumpers can be stored away efficiently and within arms reach of each user.

Please note there is a 15 day manufacturing lead time on this product.


Height 200mm
Width 60mm
Depth 306mm

Competition Plate

Weight Quantity Held
25kg 4
20kg 4
15kg 6
10kg 6
5kg 8

Coloured Bumper

Weight Quantity Held
25kg 2
20kg 3
15kg 3
10kg 5
5kg 5


Height: 200mm
Width: 60mm
Depth from wall: 306mm

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