BLK BOX Goliath Full/Half Combo Rack


The BLK BOX Goliath Full/Half Combo Rack was designed in collaboration with the Irish Rugby team in 2019. Versatile and offers the best of both options, whilst saving valuable floor space by sharing the weight plate storage. The Goliath Full/Half Combo Rack is ideal for small training facilities such as home or garage gyms!

Potential Attachments Include: Goliath Single Squat PadGoliath Dip StationGoliath Spotting ArmsGoliath Utility Peg, Goliath Utility Peg Bundle, Goliath Wing Attachment, Goliath Rig Mounted Hip Thruster Attachment, Goliath Safety Straps, Goliath Smith Machine Attachment, Goliath Step-Up Attachment & Goliath Single Barbell Holder

We recommend using our Samson Full/Half Combo Rack for large commercial training facilities!

Please note there is a 15 day manufacturing lead time on this product.  


Height: 2408mm
Width: 1200mm
Depth: 2120mm

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