Floor Glute Ham Developer - What is it and how do you use it?

Floor Glute Ham Developer - What is it and how do you use it?

Floor Glute Ham Developer

The BLK BOX Floor Glute Ham Developer (GHD) is a game changer for increasing the power of your posterior chain and hamstrings. And with great power and strengthened hamstrings comes great responsibility...well not quite, but it is proven to improve squat and deadlift strength, improve strength and speed and reduces the risk of injuries. The list goes on...

The BLK BOX Floor Glute-Ham is a compact alternative to the BLK BOX Glute Ham Developer. At just 1.2m x 0.6m, it is highly compact and makes a great addition to any gym that is short on space. The wheels and handles make it easily manoeuvrable so you can simply wheel it out of the way when it's not being used. 

Floor glute ham

Designed and manufactured in our Belfast HQ, the Floor Glute Ham gives athletes a convenient and compact way to perform glute ham raises, a bodyweight hamstring movement that concentrates on knee flexion. When incorporated regularly into a training routine, it can help increase hamstring strength, which has been proven to increase squat and deadlift strength, as well as a runners power and speed.

The Floor Glute Ham does not add any compressive force to the spine, meaning you can focus solely on the movement and strengthening the hamstrings, which can also reduce risk of ACL injuries occurring. 

The foot plate is larger than industry standard, allowing the user to ground their feet effectively, and the easily adjustable ankle rollers have 8 different height options so you can get the best position comfortably. The pull pin to adjust this is positioned on the users side, making it easier to adjust and the rollers are smaller than industry standard which gives the user a much firmer hold than larger rollers.

Floor Glute Ham

The cushioned knee pad has been designed to come beyond the knees of the user and is made of high density foam, providing a comfortable base for the knees. It is covered in a highly durable black PVC Leather Fabric that is easily cleaned after each use if needed. 

The BLK BOX Floor Glute-Ham is shipped in flat pack and is easily assembled using the M10 hardware provided.

What our Clients Say about the Floor Glute Ham 

"The Floor Glute Ham is awesome. It's space saving, well built and easy to use - best way I've ever done nordics for sure."

- Elliot Simmonds, CrossFit Games Athlete

"This is amazing. It's an absolute game changer for working your posterior chain & offers endless possibilities for testing hamstring strength. Can't recommend it enough."

- Aaron Branagan, GAA S&C Coach

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