BLK BOX Corner Pod


At BLK BOX we know that the efficient storage of equipment is as important as the equipment itself. Therefore we introduce to you, the BLK BOX Corner Pod. Designed for those corner spaces, which are often underutilised as they are seen as dead space. Standing at a height of 2408 mm and width of 2150 mm, the BLK BOX Corner Pod slots neatly into those corner spaces, adding an extra dimension to your training space and is sure to be a head-turner. 

There are endless training capacities with the Corner Pod, offering a mat and band holder storage as standard, alongside a multi-grip pull-up bar. This storage system helps house all your BLK BOX equipment, whilst having the equipment within arms reach for your session. The standard configuration for the BLK BOX Corner Pod is two dumbbell shelves, one flat shelf and a ball shelf. 


Length 915mm
Width 2150mm
Height 2408mm
Weight 157kg

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