Part 3 - Finding and Enhancing Resilience To Face Unexpected Challenges

In the face of the challenges COVID-19 has created for us all, there is no doubt that the idea of resilience is captivating. Resilience is defined as the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges, set backs, and even traumatic events. As we navigate the ups and downs of this pandemic together, it is critical to understand resilience. We are all able to learn to think and behave in ways that will develop our resilience further.

Join BLK BOX and Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant Annika McGivern for the final webinar of the Develop Mental Fitness Series, in which Annika explains the multi-faceted nature of resilience. We will explore what resilience is and isn't, how to foster it in ourselves and others and how to use resilience as a tool in challenging and uncertain times. You will leave this webinar with a variety of practical ways you can enhance your experience of resilience in your own life and help to develop resilience in others.

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