BLK BOX Samson Smith Machine Attachment


As appose to rigs & racks, Smith Machines guarantee a self-balancing stabilised weight, allowing the user to focus solely on their lift. The bar always runs in a fixed vertical plane. Racking points lessen the need for a spotter while performing heavy plate loaded exercises – with the ability to hook the bar on several points with just a twist. 

The BLK BOX Samson Smith Machine can be used for a wide range of exercises promoting every muscle group. With 7 rack points at 250mm intervals for a wide range of 30mm, close tolerance, linear bearing system offers smooth frictionless movement. The adjustable metal stopper can be raised up or down the shaft to offer spotting points and the rubber bump stops at the base of each shaft to protect your rack.

*Please note there is a 15 day manufacturing lead time with this product*

This product is compatible with: 

Samson Full Rack
Samson Compact Rack 
Samson Combo Rack 

*Please note that this product does not include the above products. 


Length/Depth 296mm
Width 1980mm
Height 2215mm
Mass 55kg
Loadable Sleeves 270mm (can hold 180kg BLK BOX HD Plates)