The Utility Rail


An integrated system for space-saving efficiency between open wall spaces, racks, rigs, or station-to-station. The Utility Rail brings the athlete outside the rack allowing specific movements to be performed whilst utilising various attachments and attachment points. The configurations and adjustments are endless. 

A 1.8m low profile section that can be utilised based on your specific needs.  Need bar storage but can’t mount on the walls? The Bar Storage Kit will sort that issue right out. Want a work station where clients can do landmines without taking up a squat bay – get the Landmine Kit, which also contains bar and plate storage to keep it as a self-contained work station. Need more than one option? The rail can be extended to whatever size you want.

Coming Soon – the squat kit that takes the pressure off your back and places it on your glutes. Turn that wasted corner in your gym into a mobility area with our mobility kit, where clients can stretch and work on their mobility without taking up the whole gym.


Length 1736.00mm
Width 197.00mm
Height 196.00mm
Current Kits
  • Landmine Kit
  • Rope Kit
  • Bar Storage Kit
  • Extension
  • Stay in the Loop