Berserk CrossFit Gym

Berserk Raises the Bar for CrossFit Gyms

Berserk: Adjective, "Out of control with excitement."

Located in East Belfast, Berserk is a CrossFit gym that is raising the bar for CrossFit gyms.

Berserk first opened 8 years ago and featured a host of BLK BOX kit along with a range of equipment from different training providers. Over the years, BLK BOX and Berserk created a long standing relationship so it was a no brainer for owner, Eamon, when it came to kitting out his brand new facility.

Nearing max capacity in their original space, Eamon knew it was time to take the plunge and relocate, upgrading his facility in the process. The end result is one that he is immensely proud of, and one that we are proud to have created. From the towering Goliath Wall mounted rigs, to the seamless floors, Berserk CrossFit is a facility that any athlete would be lucky to have as their CrossFit gym.

CrossFit Berserk

Since opening in May 2021, Berserk has been gaining momentum and now has over 250 members. After just one month of being open, Eamon noticed there were more drop-ins than ever before which he believes is purely down to how impressive the facility looks.

“We had so many people call down because they had seen some of the photos on our Instagram page and they wanted to have a nosy. We’re already seeing a return on investment as most of drop-ins ended up joining.”

A key feature of the 11,900 square foot facility that Eamon wanted to get right was the flooring. While many owners think about equipment first and flooring later, Eamon recognised the importance of laying the right foundations in the gym in order to protect the floor below and the equipment itself. Eamon opted for the Utility Gym Flooring Roll over gym tiles as he felt the roll would create a more seamless and professional look and is also easier cleaned and maintained.

 CrossFit Berserk

Another key piece which can’t be missed on entering the facility is the extensive array of wall mounted rigs, complete with branded Wall Ball Targets. By opting for one supplier, Berserk have created a stand-out facility, designed for athletes, by athletes.  

CrossFit Gym BLK BOX

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The service provided from the sales team was great. I trusted the team completely to help kit the space out with exactly what was needed and BLK BOX definitely delivered.”

There is a strong focus on building an inclusive community within Beserk. Alongside monthly memberships, there is also training programs for kids, teens and sports teams too which certainly fits their mantra of ‘Fitness for all’.