Types of BLK BOX Barbell

The Difference Between The BLK BOX Barbells

Barbells can take a range of forms and styles, which can be overwhelming when choosing the right barbell for your training style. Some will need a bar purely for weightlifting or CrossFit, some will require a barbell suitable for performing olympic weightlifting movements, which places different demands on the barbells. 

What to look for in a Barbell

Here is a guide into the differences between the BLK BOX Barbell range, including the BLK BOX Belfast Bar, BLK BOX Power Bar and BLK BOX Milo Bar. In this video, we break down the details that separate our signature barbells — diameter, strength, whip, knurling, bushing vs. bearings and application.


BLK BOX Belfast Bar

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BLK BOX Power Bar

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BLK BOX Milo Bar

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