Goliath Free Standing Rigs

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If wall-mounting isn’t an option, this free standing rig is the ultimate centrepiece for any gym. Expandable, potential attachments include wall ball targets, landmines, dip stations, safety spotting arms, wings, high-bar sections, hip thrusters and plate storage. Built with our clients in mind, we cater to a host of training facilities along with top personal trainers, schools and premier sports clubs. These clever rigs also come with a built in expansion option that allows your rig to evolve and grow alongside your business.


*Manufacturing lead timefor this product is up to 21 working days

Size Height Width Depth
2 Bay Free Standing Rig 2.4m 1.2m 1.5m
4 Bay Free Standing Rig  2.4m 4.12m 1.5m
6 Bay Free Standing Rig  2.4m 7.08m 1.5m
8 Bay Free Standing Rig  2.4m 10.02m 1.5m
Extra 2 Bays N/A Add 2.94m N/A

*For each bay, one set of J Hooks are included

Lead time 15 Business Days