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Historically training in a home gym has meant compromising on equipment and training quality, but not anymore. We have done this countless times. Flawlessly. Let's do it again, this time for you. 


Building a home gym package doesn't have to be particularly expensive. People tend to waste money on unnecessary cardio equipment and obsolete resistant machines. Our team are not your typical salespeople. We would rather talk you out of equipment than try to sell you gimmicks, just to make a profit. We don't sell fads. If we don't believe it, we don't sell it. For as little as £2,000 we can help you create a space that will make everyone envious.


1. Flooring

Flooring can often be overlooked but we believe it is a foundation of every space and you should start from the ground up. Our anti-slip black tile is the perfect solution for a home gym, allowing you to drop from overhead whilst protecting your floor. The added bonus of these tiles are that they can be laid loosely, giving you the freedom to rearrange your space or if you end up moving, you can lift the tiles without damaging the floor.

2. Rigs & Racks

Depending on your space, budget and ceiling height, we have an array of rigs and racks for you to choose from. We would recommend a wall mounted rig or a full rack if mounted to the wall is an option. If you are installing a rig or rack, make sure you have the headroom to perform overhead lifts. While the height may be tall enough for the frame, is there enough clearance to perform pull-ups? If not, the BLK BOX Harland Squat Stand is a great alternative, which also give you the option to bring your training outside (if the weather allows).

3. Bars & Bumpers

Whether you are a powerlifter or Olympic lifter, we have a number of bars to suit your individual needs such as The Belfast Bar and the BLK BOX Power Bar. As for bumper plates, we would recommend the BLK series bumpers, available in both 100kg & 150kg. These bumpers are perfect for a home gym set up with regards to durability and affordability. Don't forget to purchase some fractional plates. These can mean the difference between matching an old PR or setting a new one.

4. Storage

We believe that clutter kills performance, therefore smart spaces need smart storage. BLK BOX offers an array of wall-mounted hangers, freeing up your floor space to allow for a safer training environment. The Wall Mounted X Horns are very popular amongst home gym owners and small personal training studios as they lift your bumper plates and fractional plates off the floor. 

5. Accessories

If you have space, battle ropes, sandbags and kettlebells can be a great addition to your space. However, we would advise purchasing the equipment mentioned above and then add the accessories as you go.

A Final Consideration

A point that is often overlooked is insulation and ventilation of your space; not only for your own comfort but for the longevity of your equipment. If left in a damp or cold environment your equipment will begin to rust. Floor tiles also have a tendency to expand and shrink with temperature fluctuations. This means, what was once a perfectly laid floor may form gaps in the colder weather if the temperature within your space isn't controlled.


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