Building The Perfect Home Gym

How to Build a Home Gym

How to Build a Home Gym? 

Historically, training in a home gym has meant compromising on equipment and training quality, but not anymore. We have done this countless times. Flawlessly. Let's do it again, this time for you. 

What to consider when building a home gym? 


‘How much does a home gym cost?’ is one of the most frequent questions people ask when considering a home gym. There is no exact answer to this question as everyone’s home gym will be designed to suit their space and training style, however building a home gym does not have to be particularly expensive. People tend to spend a lot of money on unnecessary cardio equipment and obsolete resistance machines. Our team are not your typical salespeople. We would rather talk you out of equipment than try to sell you gimmicks, just to make a profit. We don't sell fads. If we don't believe it, we don't sell it.

Insulation & Ventilation 

A point that is often overlooked is insulation and ventilation of your space; not only for your own comfort but for the longevity of your equipment. If left in a damp or cold environment your equipment will begin to rust. Rubber gym tiles also have a tendency to expand and shrink with temperature fluctuations. This means, what was once a perfectly laid gym floor may form gaps in the colder weather if the temperature within your space isn't controlled.

What equipment do I need for my home gym? 

Home Gym Flooring 

Gym flooring can often be overlooked but we believe it is a foundation of every home gym and you should start from the ground up. We offer a range of rubber flooring options including rubber gym tiles, rubber flooring rolls and gym turf and track. We recommend using our Anti-Slip Gym Tile as they can be laid loosely, giving you the freedom to rearrange your space or if you end up moving, you can lift the gym tiles without damaging the floor. We also offer a premium version of our Anti Slip Tiles which consists of more densely packed rubber, offering a higher quality finish than our Anti-Slip Tile. Our Challenger Gym Tiles are also another great option for home gyms however are slightly more expensive than our anti-slip gym tiles but again can be lifted easily without damaging the floor.

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Gym Rigs 

Wall Mounted Gym Rigs

We offer a range of gym rigs which are perfect for home gym setups. Our Blackout Wall Mounted Rig has proven to be very popular within home gyms where space is a limiting factor. Featuring 2.2m uprights, it is highly compact and comes with a pair of Utility J-Hooks, giving the perfect squat station and pull up station.

If you have the space at home, our Goliath Wall Mounted Rigs are another great option and are slightly larger than the Blackout Wall Mounted Rig. If your home gym has quite a high ceiling, the Goliath Wall Mounted High-Low Bar Rig might be a good option to consider. The Goliath Wall Mounted High-Low Bar Rig consists of a 3.6m high upright (the perfect height for a Goliath Wall Ball Target) and standard uprights of 2.4m, offering up one squat bay and one pull up station.

Free Standing Gym Rigs 

If you are after a free-standing option, then our Goliath Free Standing Rigs would be best suited to your home gym, offering endless training options. The Goliath Free Standing High-Low Bar Rig includes 2.4m uprights with a 3.6m high bar, offering two squat bays, two pull up stations and eyelets for gym rings or climbing ropes, giving you a highly functional solution for those gyms not restricted by ceiling height.

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Squat Racks & Squat Stands 

We have a range of squat racks and squat stands that are ideal for every home gym setups. The BLK BOX Binary Foldaway Squat Rack is one of our best sellers for home gyms and are a highly compact, wall mounted option. This folding squat rack sits just 65mm from the wall when folded away, making the most of your space. Each of the two uprights includes a plastic foot ensuring there is no damage or scratches to your floor when folding in and out. Other free-standing options include the Blackout Half Rack, Blackout Power Rack, Blackout Free Standing Power Rack.

If you want to keep your training area clutter free, the Blackout Squat Stand with Bumper Plate Storage is a perfect option, with an integrated storage shelf,  storing all of your weight plates within an arm reach.

When installing a gym rig, power or squat rack, make sure you have the headroom to perform overhead lifts. While the height may be tall enough for the frame, is there enough clearance to perform pull-ups? If not, the Blackout Squat Stand – 2.2m and Blackout Utility Squat Stand are great alternatives, which also gives you the option to bring your training outside as they are on wheels for easy mobility (if the weather allows).

Power Racks & Cages 

If you are after a slightly larger squatting cage and have more space to play with, then we would recommend one of our power racks from our Goliath Series for your home gym setup. All our power racks come with a multi-grip pull up bar and 6 utility pegs for storing your weight plates.

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Weightlifting Bars & Weight Plates 

We offer a wide range of weightlifting bars to suit your training needs, from Olympic bars to powerlifting bars. If you would like to learn the difference between each of our barbells, check out our video here

As for weight plates, we would recommend either our Utility Bumper Plates or Heavy-Duty Impact Bumper Plates. These weight plates are perfect for any home gym set up with regards to durability and affordability. Don't forget to purchase some fractional plates too. These can mean the difference between matching an old PB or setting a new one. If you're not sure what style of bumper would be best for building your perfect home gym, check out our bumper plate buying guide here. 

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Dumbbells & Kettlebells 

Dumbbells and Kettlebells have become increasingly popular in many home gyms and are the perfect pieces of gym equipment that can help athletes isolate specific muscles and increase strength. We offer a range of fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells which allow you to adjust the weight within the one dumbbell.  We also offer custom dumbbells which can be customised to your own liking. Likewise, our kettlebells range from fixed kettlebell weights to adjustable kettlebells offering you four kettlebells in one: 8kg, 10kg, 12kg and 16kg.

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Home Gym Storage 

We believe that clutter kills performance, therefore smart spaces need smart storage. We offer an array of storage solutions to help store all your home gym essentials, as well as freeing up your floor space to allow for a safer training environment. We have a range of home gym storage solutions that are perfect for keeping your home gym organised and clutter free. Some of our home gym storage solutions include weight plate storage, barbell storage, kettlebell storage racks, dumbbell storage racks, gym rig and power rack storagestorage for accessories and if you have a bit of budget to play with storage systems.

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Home Gym Accessories 

If you have space, our gym ropes, sandbags and weight sleds can be a great addition to your home gym. However, we would advise purchasing the equipment mentioned above and then add the accessories as you go.

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