Power Racks

Upgrade your strength training routine with our high-quality range of power racks. Ideal for use in both home and garage gyms as well as professional training centres, our power racks can be customised to suit both beginners and experienced athletes. Pair with any number of attachments to give your fitness studio even more versatility.

BLK BOX power racks are available as part of the Blackout, Goliath and Samson series, allowing you to find a piece of kit that’s perfect for the space you have to work with. Every piece of equipment has been tried and tested, meaning you can trust our power racks to deliver a top-quality experience with each and every use.

Durable and renowned for their premium quality build, our power racks come with a structural lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking to kit out your garage gym or PT studio for a reasonable price, the Blackout Series is the most budget-friendly choice. These power racks don’t compromise on quality and are well-suited to those who are closer to the beginning of their fitness journey. For space-saving versatility, consider the Blackout Free Standing Power Rack.

Recommended for independent gyms or more extensive home gyms, the Goliath Series is available in a wide range of colours. Perfect for maintaining a sense of brand, builds like the Goliath Double Half Rack are durable and designed for anyone who is serious about strength training.  

The Samson Series is built for the toughest training environments, making it the best choice for athletes and premium facilities. These elite power racks, like the  Samson Full Rack, are built to last, offering unparalleled quality while still being customisable.