BLK BOX Mini Bands


Blue Band Stretch Capacity 300%
Red Band Stretch Capacity  220%
Perimeter Length 50mm 
Band Length 235mm
Blue Band Thickness 3mm
Red Band Thickness 2mm


The BLK BOX Mini Bands can be used anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling. The bands are made from natural latex for ultimate durability, elasticity and long-lasting use. No matter how intense your workout, they're guaranteed to retain their shape.

These are ideal for a number of corrective exercises and are increasingly popular with athletes as a warm-up technique. Available in two strengths, these stretch up to twice their length. The red BLK BOX Mini Band has a stretch capacity of 300%, and the blue BLK BOX Mini Band has a stretch capacity of 220%.

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