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A BLK BOX gym rig typically consists of a power rack or squat rack for barbells and weights with additional attachments such as pull-up bars, gym rings and suspension trainers and cables.  A gym rig is customisable, modular strength system that caters for a wide-range of fitness, strength and resistance training. 

Take your gym setup to the next level with our professional-grade rigs and racks. Designed to suit athletes and gym-goers alike, every rig or rack comes with a wide range of attachments to customise your experience. Choose between the Blackout, Goliath and Samson series depending on your individual workout routine or your clients’ needs. 

Trusted by athletes, BLK BOX’s rigs and racks are reliable pieces of kit that have been used in hundreds of garage gyms and high-performance gym facilities across the world. 

Every one of our gym rigs, power racks, squat racks and squat stands is renowned for its premium build quality and structural lifetime warranty.

Blackout Series

Designed with garage gyms, PT studios and CrossFit boxes in mind, these rigs and racks are made from locally sourced laser cut steel. The Blackout Series of gym rigs is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. 

Goliath Series

Perfect for independent gyms, schools or home fitness setups, the series is made using locally sourced laser cut steel. The rigs and racks are made to order and can be fully customised with colours and laser cut logos. 

Samson Series

Considered the big brother of Goliath, Samson rigs and racks are incredibly heavy duty. They’re designed for the toughest environments including elite high-performance facilities and commercial gyms. The equipment is made from locally sourced laser cut steel and each piece is made to order. Full customisation is also available, allowing you to choose colours and custom logo details. 


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